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Linden VW Motorsports Products

Linden VW Motorsports is proud to offer a wide variety of products to NJ VW enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a simple bolt-on intake, or a stage III turbo system, Linden VW Motorsports has you covered. Routine maintenance is a non negotiable item if you want your vehicle to run at peak performance.

Rely On Linden VW In NJ For Tuning & Maintenance

Finding a maintenance facility that can service all mechanical repairs and accommodate your modified vehicle can be an unwanted stress. Worry not; Linden VW has an open door policy with modified vehicles. No more worries about your custom Volkswagen being too low, or in the hands of someone not acclimated to an aggressive clutch. Our technicians are trained through Volkswagen of America, and are enthusiasts themselves. The daily driven 550whp Mk5 HPA Turbo R32 (pictured below) is our first project.

We encourage you to contact us for a free Motorsports Consultation, where you can discuss your vehicle, goals, and budget. Our Linden VW Motorsports staff will create a menu of items that fit your needs with multiple options, projected gains and manufacturers to choose from.  

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